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Sample Application 01

Online Store
This RIA interpretation of an Amazon music store demonstrates presenting a range of functionality all in one window, drag & drop between windows, a dynamic shopping cart, and more, including pulling live data from Amazon's backend database.

Sample Application 02

This demo shows the OpenLaszlo Calendar demo running in both DHTML and Flash. This is an preview of functionality being developed as OpenLaszlo 4.0.

Sample Application 03

This demo shows the video support built into OpenLaszlo 4.0


Sample Application 04

LZpiX demonstrates how the same application can be deployed using DHTML or Flash.


Sample Application 05

World Clock
This is a simple demo that shows the time of day at different locations around the world.

Sample Application 06

This is a simple local weather application that draws forecast information from a live data source. It shows current conditions, radar map, and 3-day forecast.

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