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Barclays Global
Barclays is one of the world’s largest administrators of institutional assets, spanning more than 60 countries. Once this Index Returns Chart for Barclay’s iShares division launched, it quickly became one of the most popular attractions on the site today.


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Pandora’s online music discovery service has sparked the interest of tens of millions of people (and steadily growing!) OpenLaszlo’s maturity, open source approach, and Flash run-time option made the platform a clear choice over other leading development options



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Developed by Ogilvy & Mather for Sears, this Simply Sears College application blends a simple user interface with fluid, in-page graphics that make online shopping easier than ever before


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An online front-end to’s book store that was built entirely using open source technologies, including OpenLaszlo.


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Designed as a creative front-end to eBay, this site makes eBay shopping fun and faster than usual. Also check out the unique mapping and search engine features.



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Electus is a multi-lingual versatile election results surfing application, offering Spanish, English and Catalan translations. With sophisticated in-page animations and data transitions, Electus allows users to choose various content display views and determine "what-if" political scenarios. Note: The data represented here is not real, nor complete.




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Created to share and draw online diagrams, Gliffy is a free Web-based alternative to diagramming tools such as Microsoft’s Visio. The site is built entirely in OpenLaszlo, utilizing the signature drag-and-drop and navigation capabilities





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