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Web Application Services
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Web Application Services (WAS) refers to the array of skills, tools, and expertise that enables businesses to make their information systems available over the Internet. That can mean different things to different organizations – linking mainframe or other legacy systems to a Web interface for access by user groups, or creating the right design and system architecture to optimize response times, or crafting interfaces that the user can understand intuitively and navigate through efficiently.

Infinite Solutions WAS professionals work with clients in many industries. We help them understand their options for harnessing the Internet to improve business performance and increase partner satisfaction. We then build the systems, from iterative prototyping and careful design work, through skilled development and implementation services

System architecture and design
  • Full complement of Java/.Net/open source skills
  • Related requirements-gathering and business analysis expertise
  • Customer interface and usability testing
  • Content management solution




  •   Breakthrough Web Usability
  •   Clear and consistent navigation of web applications
  •   Fluid, rich and interactive user interface
  •   More efficient use of network resources
  •   Open, standards-based implementation

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