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Your company‘s productivity is driven by the performance of a well-prepared workforce. When planned or unplanned change occurs within your company (application rollouts, process re-engineering, mergers and acquisitions), workforce performance can be disrupted and productivity can suffer.

For more than a decade, Infinite Solutions has made increases in profits and productivity to many businesses in your society. Backed by expert and passionate instructors in their fields, Infinite Solutions delivers world class quality education and training.

Infinite Solutions’ Training Services professionals help your company bridge the information gap that frequently accompanies change by analyzing, designing, developing, and deploying learning interventions that: optimize workforce knowledge, improve performance, and mitigate the impact of technological and process-related changes. Our Training Services team customizes every solution to meet the specific needs of your workforce, leveraging a proven approach, methodology, and tools to ensure your success.

With our staff working behind you, you have the support from Infinite Solutions to build and maintain your business in this day and age.

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  • Training Strategy – We define your learning needs and organizational objectives, then propose appropriate solutions that are aligned with those objectives.
  • Instructional Content Design and Development – Our designers and developers identify design, and develop custom instructional content to support your learning strategy..
  • Learning Application Design and Development – We design and   develop appropriate and effective learning delivery vehicles (simulations, CBT, WBT, distance learning applications).
  • User Performance Support Design and Development – Our professionals identify design, and develop performance support solutions to help users work efficiently, effectively..
  • Change Communications – We define, design, and develop communication vehicles to help organizations prepare for change..


  • A thorough understanding of your needs and objectives helps ensure that the solutions we propose are the most appropriate and lead to a high level of success in your organization..
  • Experienced instructional design and development resources remain focused on the learning objectives and deliver efficient and effective knowledge to the learner. .
  • Knowledge and flexibility in delivering learning through a verify of media ensure effective learning regardless of learner demographics..
  • Through a variety of just-in-time support mechanisms, our solutions ensure that the right information is delivered at the right time to the right people..
  • Communication is key in any changing environment; our ability to help you plan and craft targeted communications helps ensure the success of your change initiatives..

Delivery Methods

  • Class room learning
  • Onsite learning
  • Virtual class room e-learning
  • Self paced e-learning
  • Customized learning
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