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Infinite Solutions has partnered with Laszlo Systems the pioneer of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) to TRANSFORM THE WEB EXPERIENCE. Infinite Solutions and Laszlo Systems provide a range of design and engineering solutions that can accelerate your company’s entry into Web 2.0 through compelling Openlaszlo based rich Web applications. Our talented development professionals can act as your team or augment existing teams.

Infinite Solutions Studios is our elite design and development team that creates custom rich Web applications using Openlaszlo. We deliver a creatively designed, scalable and high performance solution in much less time than it would take you to develop it internally. We employ seasoned project managers, engineers, user experience experts and QA Engineers who know how to utilize the Openlaszlo platform to its optimum potential.


  •   RIA Custom Development
  •   RIA System Integration
  •   RIA Studio Design and Development
  •   Laszlo needs Analysis and Integration planning
  •   Deployment Architecture
  •   Installation Support and Quality Assurance Compatibility


  •   Breakthrough Web Usability
  •   Clear and consistent navigation of web applications
  •   Fluid, rich and interactive user interface
  •   More efficient use of network resources
  •   Open, standards-based implementation


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