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Application Consulting Services
1687, Eureka Rd #200,
Roseville, CA 95661 USA
Fax: 1(916)2736586
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Built upon Infinite Solutions’ Global Service’s unique methodologies, our comprehensive implementation services are based on a consultative process that is driven by your unique requirements. Our application consulting team works with you to define those requirements, tailor an implementation and train your people to ensure effective end-user acceptance throughout the organization.

Our Application Consulting Services offer:

  • General consulting and configuration guidance to provide direction on optimizing the use of your solutions.
  • Best practice guidance to help you best configure your solutions according to your business processes.
  • Test cycle planning and execution to minimize risk by providing our experience to streamline your unique implementation.
  • Assistance with documentation development based on your configuration.
  • System "go live" guidance to minimize disruption to your firm during application deployment.
  • Post production knowledge transfer to provide your team with the information to effectively manage your application, post implementation.

Skilled Application Consultants

Infinite Solutions’ Application Consultants understand how project-based firms do business. Our satisfied customers confirm that we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve measurable success by utilizing a unified approach that combines:

Reliability – Infinite Solutions works closely with you to ensure a successful project outcome. Our job is not finished until we have achieved your goals.

Expertise – No one understands your solutions   like the people who build them. Infinite Solutions consultants have years of experience implementing applications in project-based firms of all sizes, and provide ‘best practice’ guidance to help you fully optimize your solutions.

Methodology – Our proven processes and methodology were developed during successful engagements, allowing Infinite Solutions’ professionals to work with maximum speed and efficiency.

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Infinite Solutions’ Global Services’ comprehensive implementation methodologies ensure alignment between Infinite Solutions and your team by following common processes and best practices  that quickly and efficiently deliver business value. Our multi-step methodologies were designed by encompassing the critical phases of the services lifecycle, including planning, design, configuration, testing and deployment, to facilitate a successful implementation. Our unique implementation methodologies are:

  • Proven processes that has been successfully deployed for Infinite Solutions’ customers.
  • Practical approach incorporating specific tasks, tools and deliverables to ensure a predictable outcome.
  • Phase and milestone-driven program with allocated responsibility and accountability.
  • Joint partnership to ensure that the outcome aligns with project success criteria.
  • Flexible, customer-centric framework that encourages customer self-sufficiency through on-going knowledge transfer.
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